About Us

Scott’s Exquisite Property Management was birthed to meet the quickly growing demands of the AirBNB market in the Cayman Islands.


Our team is comprised of youthful and experienced Caymanians, all of us coming from different walks of life and professional backgrounds but enthusiastic about the opportunity to serve visitors to the island.

Within S.E.P.M we have a hospitality specialist, a qualified accountant, an economist, an IT specialist and a former bilingual teacher but we each have one thing in common... WE LOVE TO TRAVEL!

Collectively we have explored several countries in Europe, Central, South and North America, and all over the Caribbean. On every continent we have visited we have experienced the pleasure of great AirBNB hosts but unfortunately, we have also experienced unfavorable ones.  Nonetheless, these experiences have taught us the do's and dont's of the hosting business and without them we would not know how to best to serve your guests.

Our love and knowledge of our island coupled with our desire to guarantee a luxurious experience for each of your clients makes us the perfect candidate for the job!

Why else should YOU choose S.E.P.M

S.E.P.M wants to partner with you to make a difference!

It is our belief that there is no greater gift than the gift of giving. That’s why for every dollar we earn, 10% is allocated towards our “We Serve” program.


As a fully Caymanian owned company dedicated to serving others, we contribute to non-for-profits on island that allow younger Caymanians the opportunity to also serve the less fortunate locally and internationally.

Your business contributes to this initiative! Stay tuned to our blog so you can keep abreast of the difference you can make!


Want to know more about us? Call us or send us an email!